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Saturday, July 14, 2012

New tire swings at the Retreat Center

It's all about swinging

I recently realized that for some strange reason I have never been on a tire swing. And tire swings are a tradition as old as man I am sure. Since I had a couple old tires lying around I figured the homestead needed an addition.
First a suitable tree had to be found.

Then the perfect tire was picked out...
Notice my grandson is wondering how this is gonna work...
And of course the "bigger kid" has to make sure it swings properly.

Then it was Mark's turn to climb on and make sure it was just right.

So I thought since swing #1 worked so well that we needed another one up by the kids play gym. So I pulled the truck up next to the tree and with much caution and prayers going up to the Father above, I climbed on top of the truck to put the rope around the tree. I will have to admit that it later had to be taken down and the tractor brought around and a chain put from tree to tree much higher up before it was completed. Whatever...

Grandson Mark thought this swing worked great also. And it will be the perfect height for little brother Kaden to climb up on also.

Now everyone is happy. One smaller tire swing and one bar swing. Now to cut off the excess rope. We can officially say we have a good old fashioned country tire swing at The Retreat Center. . In duplicate. Bring on the good times!

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