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Monday, September 7, 2015

Let us schedule your family reunion!

We hosted a family reunion here at the Bed and Breakfast Retreat Center and it was a huge success.   This family takes their reunions seriously and it shows!  Everyone had a great time visiting and reconnecting with family.  They had a tent set up,  an  RV as well as people in the  cabin and the main house.  I was proud to have a part in helping their reunion be a success...

Reunions remind me of the importance of staying connected with family and friends.  Time moves along rapidly,  little ones are born,  others die.   So take time to schedule a family reunion and be sure to take lots of pictures!  We'll be happy to help you here at The Gathering Place Bed and Breakfast.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Cabin

There's something new on the grounds of the Retreat Center this year!  We've added  "The Cabin".  Just across the yard nestled in the trees is a one bedroom haven for those wanting to spend some time  in something a bit more "rustic".   A perfect place for the corporate traveler here in the area for an extended stay and  wanting to get out of the city.

We have decorated The Cabin in Rustic Americana and believe you will find it a delightful change from your normal stay on your travels.  The main room has two couches with recliners on each end for your comfort giving plenty of seating.  Walls are decorated with a collection of quilts and pictures of days gone by.

We left the floor concrete and put down throw rugs cause we figure it would be just wrong to put carpet in a cabin..  And this way hunters won't have to worry about getting the floor dirty..

Since this part of the world has been known to lose power and we are all electric we decided to put in a portable fireplace and hook it up to propane.  So you'll still be toasty warm even if the electric goes out.  Which it will,   trust me....

.Many years ago I made a hunter's quilt and I thought under this table is the perfect place for it.  Just in case you get a little cool...

  And there is a flat screen TV with satellite and Wi-fi so you still have the benefits we all love along with the rustic setting of a cabin..

One corner has a snack bar set up where you can catch up on office work if you must do that sort of thing while taking a break from your normal routine.  Or catch a quick snack while watching the latest game on the TV...

The kitchen part of our facility is equipped with everything you'll find at home including  a fridge, microwave, confection oven, coffee pots, electric griddle and electric skillet in case you want to do some cooking.  There is also a BBQ grill on the porch for your use.   Notice our Cedar cabinets which are also hand made.

 I love a bargain and I found this oak antique table at a local flea market.  Thought The Cabin would be a perfect place for it.  And it's already set for supper... Just pull up a chair and have a seat!

 I stained these cabinets and they make a perfect place for the microwave and confection oven.  The confection oven is just the right size for baking your pizza.   Just cause we're in the woods doesn't mean you can't enjoy the comforts of  the city life too.

The spacious bedroom follows the rustic Americana theme and is decorated with a queen size hand made log bed made by a local craftsman using native lumber.  (If interested in one of these beds for yourself give me a call and I can put you in touch with him) 

Simplify is the theme for our Cabin.  

The bathroom is located just off the bedroom and has an oversize shower.  

There is also a separate entrance off the bedroom where you can take your cup of coffee out on the covered porch in the early morning hours and watch the mist rising off the pond or enjoy the antics of the squirrels and other wildlife.

Our squirrels think they are part of the family

The Cabin is located just a short walk across the yard from The Lodge  and has plenty of outdoor lighting for those needing to come in late at night. 

Fishing our stocked pond  is always encouraged here on the grounds and if you forget your poles we have extra.

You may be surprised who you will be sharing the dock with.  Bird watching is encouraged.

We have a walking trail around the pond for those who like to get some exercise while here for their stay.  

Our pond is within sight of The Cabin and is a great place to sit on the dock and  contemplate the beauty  and serenity of nature.  

And nothing compares to the beauty of the mist rising off the pond on those cool, crisp mornings.  

A fire pit is just outside the cabin door for enjoying the sounds of nature.   Light the fire and roast some hot dogs or make some Smores and sit around the fire talking about the "good ole days"  when life was simple...

Hope you've enjoyed our  little tour of our newest addition to the Retreat Center.   And if you would like to spend a few days with us just give us a call.  Our door is always open and we love welcoming new friends to our neck of the woods.

To make a reservation to stay at The Cabin call 417-465-2655.  We are located at 21763 E Nebo Hill in Nevada, Mo. 64772,    This cabin can also be leased by the month for your corporate use.  We look forward to welcoming you and making your stay with us a memorable one!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Enhanced Private Security

There is a new addition to our private security system here at The Retreat Center.   His name is Charlie Dogge  and I am keeping him for a few months for my sister.  He's a sheltie and what a wonderful addition he has become!

Here's my favorite picture of my son--who also does Private Security--with me and Charlie Dogge.  And since my sister needed a smaller dog for her and her son she bought this little Taco Bell mascot.  She's happy,  I'm happy.  Everybody's happy.

 Charlie Dogge follows me around everywhere I go.  He loves to shake hands and play dead.  And loves hot dogs for a snack.  I'm learning to adapt to him sleeping at my feet wherever I am.  There could be worse things in life than having a devoted dog....

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Spring!!!

Finally,  Spring is here.  You can't tell it so much by our weather but the calendar says it officially is Spring!  I'm looking forward to seeing new life spring up all around me.  The grass will green up,  the flowers will start to bloom and the birds will sing....Everyone looks forward to the arrival of Spring.  I've got a busy week planned here at The Retreat Center.   I have The Lodge  booked for our local Cottey College Reunion,  The Cabin  is booked with a group from a local church and the modular next door is booked with a Pastor ministering in the area.  And a young couple planning a wedding for about 200 people are coming out to take a tour of the grounds as they are thinking about having an outdoor wedding.  So, it's time to get to work!!! Love my job!!!  And I added a picture of the pond during the summer to remind me of lazy days ahead enjoying the beauty of nature created by a loving God!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Another year has turned over once again.  Time to think about what you want to do different this year,  what you want to accomplish in the coming year,  what you don't want to see repeated and to remember what is the important things in life to center on.  Hope everyone is enjoying this day with good friends and family and lots of good food.   Happy New Year to you and yours!  Make each day count!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Feeding the crew...

I have had the privilege of having a crew of men stay at The Lodge for the past 6 weeks or so.   They have been a delight to be around.  I don't normally cook but I do for these young men cause they work from early in the morning till after dark each evening.  They enjoy my cooking and I enjoy cooking for them.  Hope you enjoy some of my pics of the good food we have shared.  I always appreciate new recipes and several have passed on their favorites to me and I try them out on "the crew"
 Bacon wrapped cheeseburgers and jalapeno brats are always a big hit
 perfecting the art of making gravy
 this recipe for Habanero Cheddar Jalapeno Bread was a big hit and we have served it often

 Joel request the Pork Loin covered with a rub and simmered in the crock pot all day
 Morgan taught me a new Breakfast casserole which is delicious
 The large mushrooms are stuffed with Buffalo Chicken Dip.  Yummy...
 Sometimes we serve pizza
 They had never tried 15 Bean Soup before

Pork Steak on the grill

 Zucchini Bread cooling
 Home made cookies warm from the oven
 These are a special group of men and I certainly will miss them when they go home.  I think they need their own reality show.  Heck,  they are much smarter and funnier than the Duck Dynasty guys...
 They enjoy my cooking and haven't found anything they don't like,  except maybe oatmeal...
 Joel always has a smile on his face morning or night
being away from friends and family is always hard and cell phones are wonderful.  Although getting good reception is not always so...

Hope you enjoyed my little food preview.  Some new members have been added to my imaginary Walton family here in the country.  Living the good life and sharing it with others!

Let's sit around the fire pit and tell stories and remember times gone by...

Now that the weather is cooler but not cold enough to snow yet why not gather around the fire pit and listen to the sound of coyotes.  We did that the other night with two of my grandkids and it was a great time.  We threw some hot dogs on the stick and grilled them and sat around and told "when your momma was little" stories.   Life is short and uncertain so don't waste any of the precious time we have been given to live on this earth.  Do the important things while there is still time.  Hug your kids and tell them how much you love them.  You'll never regret it!