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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Feeding the crew...

I have had the privilege of having a crew of men stay at The Lodge for the past 6 weeks or so.   They have been a delight to be around.  I don't normally cook but I do for these young men cause they work from early in the morning till after dark each evening.  They enjoy my cooking and I enjoy cooking for them.  Hope you enjoy some of my pics of the good food we have shared.  I always appreciate new recipes and several have passed on their favorites to me and I try them out on "the crew"
 Bacon wrapped cheeseburgers and jalapeno brats are always a big hit
 perfecting the art of making gravy
 this recipe for Habanero Cheddar Jalapeno Bread was a big hit and we have served it often

 Joel request the Pork Loin covered with a rub and simmered in the crock pot all day
 Morgan taught me a new Breakfast casserole which is delicious
 The large mushrooms are stuffed with Buffalo Chicken Dip.  Yummy...
 Sometimes we serve pizza
 They had never tried 15 Bean Soup before

Pork Steak on the grill

 Zucchini Bread cooling
 Home made cookies warm from the oven
 These are a special group of men and I certainly will miss them when they go home.  I think they need their own reality show.  Heck,  they are much smarter and funnier than the Duck Dynasty guys...
 They enjoy my cooking and haven't found anything they don't like,  except maybe oatmeal...
 Joel always has a smile on his face morning or night
being away from friends and family is always hard and cell phones are wonderful.  Although getting good reception is not always so...

Hope you enjoyed my little food preview.  Some new members have been added to my imaginary Walton family here in the country.  Living the good life and sharing it with others!

Let's sit around the fire pit and tell stories and remember times gone by...

Now that the weather is cooler but not cold enough to snow yet why not gather around the fire pit and listen to the sound of coyotes.  We did that the other night with two of my grandkids and it was a great time.  We threw some hot dogs on the stick and grilled them and sat around and told "when your momma was little" stories.   Life is short and uncertain so don't waste any of the precious time we have been given to live on this earth.  Do the important things while there is still time.  Hug your kids and tell them how much you love them.  You'll never regret it!