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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Enhanced Private Security

There is a new addition to our private security system here at The Retreat Center.   His name is Charlie Dogge  and I am keeping him for a few months for my sister.  He's a sheltie and what a wonderful addition he has become!

Here's my favorite picture of my son--who also does Private Security--with me and Charlie Dogge.  And since my sister needed a smaller dog for her and her son she bought this little Taco Bell mascot.  She's happy,  I'm happy.  Everybody's happy.

 Charlie Dogge follows me around everywhere I go.  He loves to shake hands and play dead.  And loves hot dogs for a snack.  I'm learning to adapt to him sleeping at my feet wherever I am.  There could be worse things in life than having a devoted dog....

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Spring!!!

Finally,  Spring is here.  You can't tell it so much by our weather but the calendar says it officially is Spring!  I'm looking forward to seeing new life spring up all around me.  The grass will green up,  the flowers will start to bloom and the birds will sing....Everyone looks forward to the arrival of Spring.  I've got a busy week planned here at The Retreat Center.   I have The Lodge  booked for our local Cottey College Reunion,  The Cabin  is booked with a group from a local church and the modular next door is booked with a Pastor ministering in the area.  And a young couple planning a wedding for about 200 people are coming out to take a tour of the grounds as they are thinking about having an outdoor wedding.  So, it's time to get to work!!! Love my job!!!  And I added a picture of the pond during the summer to remind me of lazy days ahead enjoying the beauty of nature created by a loving God!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Another year has turned over once again.  Time to think about what you want to do different this year,  what you want to accomplish in the coming year,  what you don't want to see repeated and to remember what is the important things in life to center on.  Hope everyone is enjoying this day with good friends and family and lots of good food.   Happy New Year to you and yours!  Make each day count!